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    A great family oriented fall festival experience!
    See job openings below

What: Attend a Fall 2024 Employment Open House! 

Who: You! Anyone interested in working at Cox Farms for Fall Festival and/or Fields of Fear.

When: July 2024, check back soon!

Where: 15621 Braddock Road, Centreville, VA 20120.

Do not enter at the Corner Market next to the roundabout. Enter at the Main Entrance on Braddock Road and head towards the windmill. Look for the large barn with the green roof.  

Why: As part of the application process, all applicants must attend the Open House event in order to complete an interview.


Cox Farms is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, disability or handicap, or veteran status. Cox Farms is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs and activities. To request reasonable accommodation, contact us at accommodation@coxfarms.com.

Open House FAQ’s

What is an Employment Open House? What can I expect?

  • An Open House is the interview part of your application process. You will go through some group activities and complete a few short interviews with different members of the management team.
What will the interview be like? What will you ask me about? What are you looking for? 
  • The interview is fairly casual, as far as job interviews go, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take it seriously. It does mean, however, that you should not dress up; wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes. This is a farm and we will be outside. 
  • We’ll ask you about all sorts of stuff… some of it will be similar to the topics discussed in the application, and some of it may seem random. We will even play some games!
  • We’re looking for a number of things. We want to get to know you, to get a sense of who you are, your personality and temperament. This helps us assess whether you and Cox Farms would be a good "fit”, and what positions/jobs might be best for you. So, we’re looking for you to be yourself.
Do I have to attend an Open House? 
  • Yes, all new applicants must attend an Open House. Since we have so many new applicants to hire in a short time, we provide Open House sessions so that multiple managers can assess multiple applicants in a single session.
Do I sign up for an Open House? Do I need an invitation to attend? 
  • You do need to sign up for interviews, but you do not need an invitation. Just follow the link above to sign up for a slot at one of the sessions.
I can’t attend the Open House scheduled. Can I schedule another time to interview? 
  • We only post one or two Open House dates at a time, but we are planning on having several sessions between Mid July and Labor Day. Keep checking workingatcoxfarms.com for more dates.
I don’t have enough time to fill out an application before the Open House. Can I still attend even if I haven’t already applied? 
  • Absolutely! As long as you sign up for the Open House (link above) you may attend the session. 
How long does the Open House last? 
  • The amount of time you’ll spend at the Open House varies based on what time you get there, and how many other people are ahead of you. It is typically 30-60 minutes. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot. 
Can I bring my kids/parents/friend? 
  • Only the actual applicants may attend the Open House, so parents/kids/friends are not able to attend unless they are also applying!  
What if it’s raining? 
  • The show must go on! We have covered areas to keep everyone relatively dry.
I worked Fall Festival and/or Fields of Fear last year and loved it! If I want to work again, do I have to come to another Open House? 
  • Employees who successfully completed the 2023 season ( finished season in good standing, received high scores on the end-of-season evaluations by captains and leaders, etc.) will automatically be invited back to work Fall 2024. We will send out employment invites via email in late July. But don’t be shy! If you have not heard from us by August 5th, send an e-mail to people@coxfarms.com.
  • Past employees who did not work Fall 2023 should send an e-mail to working@coxfarms.com for further instruction.