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“Parents Policy”                                                            

 As a popular first job, Cox Farms is proud to employ so many teenagers, and they are crucial to our success.  We view this as an opportunity- and a responsibility- to help young people develop skills that will help them succeed in the workplace.  We also recognize that parents play a crucial role in the employment of their children; we are very grateful for the support they provide, from advice to encouragement to transportation.  We encourage our younger employees to talk to their parents about their jobs and experiences here. 

We will speak only to you, the applicant regarding the hiring process at Cox Farms, including interviews, application/reference status updates, paperwork, and the like. Additionally, you, and only you, should fill out the application. If the application has been filled out by anyone other than the applicant, it is considered a violation of the Employee Honor Code and you will not be hired.

Additionally, we ask that all applicants and employees use their own e-mail address, so that we can be sure that it is them, and not their parent, that we are communicating with.

Remember, if you are hired, this will be your job. Part of having a job is communicating with your employers. If you are unable to attend an open house, want to know the status of your application or references, we need to hear it from you!  Please take responsibility for initiating such conversations. 

One way we demonstrate the respect we have for our employees is by speaking with you directly.  Make sure your parents know that we consider it inappropriate for them to contact us regarding your application, and that doing so puts your potential employment at risk.  You are responsible for informing your parents about this policy, and for ensuring that they abide by it. 

This policy extends to all family members, including siblings, spouses, adult children, etc. Even if an employee has family members that work at Cox Farms, they must contact us themselves.

One last thing: please don’t be shy about introducing your parents!  We love meeting the proud parents of our employees, and we hope that you’re excited to show off your job! 

 Employee Honor Code                                                           

Cox Farms employees and applicants are honor-bound to refrain from cheating, stealing, or lying regarding issues of employment and the workplace.  Any employee/applicant who has first-hand knowledge of a violation of this Honor Code must report the violation to a manager immediately.  Failure to do so is considered a violation of the Honor Code.  Violations of the Honor Code will be noted in the applicant/employee’s permanent employment file and may result in consequences including suspension, termination of employment, and possible legal action.